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1) Abstract submission is only accepted after registration and confirmation of pay.

2) Each author may only register and present a single paper, but may co-author others. 

3) Only unpublished papers may be submitted.

4) Project descriptions, paper intentions or previously published papers will not be accepted. 

5) The abstract must only be submitted electronically, DOC/DOCX format. PDF files will not be accepted.

6) The abstract can be written in Portuguese or English. The choice is at the discretion of the author.

7) The submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the Congress’ Scientific Committee, and the results will be available at event website under attendee name or passaport number. 

8) The evaluation encompasses the following aspects: relevant, clearly stated objectives; appropriate methodology; clearly presented results; pertinent conclusions. 

9) The text quality (grammar, spelling and typing) is the author’s entire responsibility and will be used by the Scientific Committee as an assessment criterion. 

10) Abstract submission forms will be unavailable after June 10th. 

11) The chosen Works must be displayed at the Poster Session during 10º Congresso Brasileiro de Melhoramento de Plantas. Each poster will have a 1m x 1m panel for display. The author is responsible for poster formatting, as well as the font choice for title and text.

12) Only one certificate will be issued for each accepted and presented abstract, bringing the title of the paper, as well as the author’s and co-authors’ names as stated in the abstract.

13) The poster must be written in Word for Windows with size 11 Arial font type, single space between lines, with full justified paragraph alignment.

14) The poster must have a string for hanging and/or double-sided adhesive tape to be mounted.

MODEL OF ABSTRACT  - (download file here)

The number of words (from introduction to completion) should be between 200 and 450 words (rely on Word's "tool").