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1) Registrations are personal and non-transferable. 

2) Registrations must be sent electronically only.


3) Payment must be made by PayPal (Credit Card) and Deposit / Bank Transfer.

4) Cancellation and reimbursement
* (This rule applies only to those who registered WITHOUT AN ABSTRACT).

5) Registration fee through financial commitment

6) Students and post-doctorate researchers must send documents only via e-mail to contato@sigaeventos.com.br

*Cancellation and reimbursement
In case there is formal notice of cancellation by participants, the fees will be reimbursed up to 45 days after the event.


Reimbursement will be made according to the following criteria:

  • Non-justified – by filling up the registration fee reimbursement request form and attaching copy of receipt. 

  • Attendee health problem – by filling up the registration fee reimbursement request form and attaching copies of doctor’s statement and receipt. 

  •  Double pay – by filling up the registration fee reimbursement request form and attaching copies of all receipts.



Reimbursement Request Form for Registration Fee


**Financial commitment

1) Registration by FINANCIAL COMMITMENT LETTER will be accepted by May 31th, 2019;

2) In order to have the registration confirmed, the paying Institution must send the Financial Commitment Letter to the Congress organization, mentioning the name of the paying institution, person in charge, telephone number, e-mail, full address, name(s) of participant(s), as well as fill up the event’s registration forms at the event website;

3) Upon paying the Financial Commitment, the paying institution must send proof of pay to , so that the debt is cleared.

4) In the absence of Financial Commitment Letter or of the participant’s name in a document forwarded by the deadline, as mentioned in item 2, the entrant must pay the registration fee during on-site registration, according to their category;

5) Upon confirmation of double pay, the full refund shall be made by bank deposit up to 30 days after the event;

6) Financial Commitment Letters not in compliance with these guidelines shall be disregarded.



The registered participant is entitled to:

  • Receive folder with full Congress program, on site;

  • TReceive Certificate of Attendance, on site;

  • Receive Paper Presentation Certificate, on site;

  • Attend all the Congress’ activities;

  • Attend mini-courses, upon enrollment, entitled to a Certificate.


Registration Dates

With paper: by June 10th, 2019

Without paper: by July 31th, 2019

Online registration deadline: July 20th, 2019 – after this date, only on-site registration will be possible.  


ID Card

Personal, non-transferrable, mandatory for all congress activities, as well as to access and permanence at the congress venues. A duplicate may be issued at the cost of 50% the registration fee.



Early registration: available at online registration menu.

On-site registration: issued upon registration.